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What we've been up to in October 2008:

On Tuesday, October 15, Karin and Anna auditioned for "The Princess and the Pea." Rehearsals ran Wednesday - Saturday morning, and then they had two shows on Saturday. It was great! Karin had several lines (and songs) and Anna had a line, and a very cute dance. :) It was certainly not a version of the story we'd ever heard before ;)
Karin as Powder of Glacierdom
Anna the Dustbunny
Instead of the usual Halloween party (sorry, 'Harvest party') at school, they decided to have it at Becker Farms this year. It was a beautiful day, and the kids had a great time.
Anna gets a turn on the pony.
I wasn't sure what Alex would think, but he liked it, too.
Alex had to see the fire engine first.
He could have sat in here a long time.
Karin gets a turn, too.
Anna behind bars.

Alex's favorite part of the day
- the slide through the 'mountain'. He was not happy when we
said it was time to stop.

On the way back we stopped at a pumpkin patch. Alex wasn't happy, because he wanted to get a second pumpkin, so he would have one he could carry himself.
Karin is all ready for her first middle school dance.
The guys at my birthday party. :)

Alex the Detective.

He is a detective pretty much every day. This usually involves wearing whatever coat he can find, a baseball cap or other hat, and a magnifying glass. He hopes Santa will bring him a real detective outfit.

Halloween! We had a bit of trouble, as Alex decided at the last minute that he should be a detective instead, but we managed to talk him into going with his original choice.
Sir Alex, the Knight
Dorothy Anna (luckily Toto didn't eat all of her candy)
Karin the Clown
We didn't go very far trick-or-treating, as we were probably getting towards the end of the 'official' trick-or-treat hours. Alex got tired before we finished, and began asking that someone else carry his bucket. Finally, Lars had to carry him to the car, and I took the girls to a few more houses. But never fear, they got plenty of candy.
My first hurried attempt at makeup. I got a lot of practice, as this had to be put on four times.
All ready to go.
Trick-or-treating at a familiar house.